Hogsback is well-known for its amazing hiking routes, from easy to more challenging, there is a scenic route for everybody! We will be featuring some of the more well known walks, but to get detailed maps and information, we recommend buying Ken Harvey’s Hogsback Hikes booklet. The proceeds goes towards trail and bluff maintenance.

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Arboretum and 39 Steps Waterfall

If you would prefer a leisurely stroll in a garden like, then your first stop should be the Arboretum and 39 Steps Waterfall. You can park your car in the main road and walk into the forest to enjoy many huge very old Redwoods and other trees from all over the world.

The park is maintained by the Hogsback Garden Club and there are many benches and resting places for you to admire the azaleas and Rhododendrons. You are encouraged to spend some peaceful time there taking in the Garden of Remembrance and the Garden of love. If you want to have a tree planted in remembrance of a special occasion or departed person, contact the Garden Club.

Kettle Spout Hike

The Kettlespout falls is a lovely hike depending on which of the routes you use.  Under the right conditions, when there is a good waterflow after rains, with the wind blowing strongly in the right direction,  the water is blown as much as 5 meters upwards before coming down in a spray of mist, imitating a kettle boiling.  A spectacular sight.

There are a few hikes from different vantage points:

  • From forest drive ( lower deck viewing point)
  • From Forest drive (upper viewing point)
  • From forest drive (Top walk down)
  • From Hobbiton

For more information see Kettlespout.hogsback.info