Please join our advertising and Information telegram Group for up to date information about what is happening in Hogsback. We encourage all local Hogsback businesses and the immediate surrounding areas (i.e. 25 km radius) to join & punt their wares/services. 

Anybody, including tourists & visitors to Hogsback may join the group using the link provided below. Please limit ‘general chitchat’ on the groups unless it pertains to Hogsback businesses or information. You are allowed to post 1 advertisement (which includes ONE photo only) per business per day as well as 1 special per day (which includes ONE photo only)…and remember it’s only a special if the price is cheaper than the usual price.

Please no posting of chain letters, hate speech, harassment, incitement to violence, links to free stuff, fake news, porn, spam, scams, pyramid schemes, religious verses, politics or anything unrelated to Hogsback, you will be removed from the groups if you do.  We also reserve the right to remove any post that we deem inappropriate at the admins discretion.

We welcome any suggestions on how we can improve the group. 

If you are unsure of if you can post something, please contact the admins:

  • Joanne Campbell (0761586722)
  • Fiona Wallace
  • Lydene Naylor (072 656 6291)
  • Maggie Verster (0835566962)