Walking & Hiking in and around Hogsback

22 Trails for Everyone! 

Festive Visitors in Oak Avenue on the way to the Arboretum and 39 Steps Waterfall

The Hogsback Tourism Organisation (HTO) and the Hogsback Volunteer Trail Maintenance Team (HVTMT), with the support of the Hogsback Unity Group (HUG), are proud to showcase Hogsback as an outdoor tourism destination. Visitors are encouraged to experience 22 fabulous walking and hiking trails our village has to offer.

These particular trails do NOT require permits.

Note that any walks, hikes and trails not listed here and which pass through AFC-run Forestry Plantation areas require permits. These permits must be applied for at the Forestry Office just off Main Road.


To make our visitors’ experience more enjoyable, the HTO-HVTMT, with the generous sponsorship of local Tourism Product Owners, has created and printed on-scale user-friendly paper maps that can be purchased from most accommodation, eateries and shops in the village for R20.

Our maps show 22 permit-free walks & trails & our 5 major waterfalls.

A Digital Trail Maps Package is also available for purchase (See below.)

All proceeds from the sales of our maps go the upkeep of our trails and to the development of visitor-friendly tourism in Hogsback.

The first 21 walks and hikes on this up-to-date list are located in the village and in the indigenous forests surrounding the village. The 22nd trail (Hog 1) is located outside the village on the way to Keiskammahoek and requires driving to the start of the hike.

Eleven of the trails are classified as Level 1 (Walk) and are accessible to any walker or hiker who is moderately fit. The second 11 are classified as Level 2 (Scramble) and offer just a little more of a challenge.

We wish all visitors a happy experience on our trails and in our beautiful millennial Afromontane forests.


Azaleas at Hunterstoun

Back of Hog 1

Hiking up the back of Hog 1

In the Afromontane forest

Bridal Veil Falls (Left) and Madonna & Child Falls (Right)

Watsonias in bloom

Back of Hog 1

Bridal Veil Falls

Geju Peak from Hog 1

Hog 1 from Wolfridge Road

The three Hogs from Main Road

View from Madonna & Child Waterfall


Swallowtail Falls (Top)

Swallowtail River in Hunterstoun