A Feel-good snow story

Uncle Fred, one of our oldest and dearest Hogsbackians is a great storyteller and every so often, he spoils us with a story. This morning he posted a snow story…. And it is also a snow update as he lives up near the top of Hogsback.

Good morning all you good Hogsbackians, the few inches of snow that covered my farm have just about completely disappeared and with global warming, it may have been the last this year, sadly for some of you joyful for others. However, I must tell you a little story which happened several years ago. I may have told this story to some of you years ago but anyway here it is.

That winter my farm was blanket with about 60 cms of snow and I was snowed in. I had tried to drive my pick-up out but as soon as I reversed into the snow I slithered all over the place and had to leave my pick-up there and get back into the house. More snow fell over the next few days. Finally, I decided to try and drive my pick-up as I urgently needed to get to King.

I found my truck full of snow but I managed to drive to the main road and then on to King. I parked in the town near the FNB bank and when I returned to my pick-up a crowd of people were closely packed around it….they had never seen anything like this…a truck full of snow!

I could not believe their excitement and the questions. Could they have some they asked….I made a snowball and gave it to a child….help yourself I said and within minutes my truck was empty! I saw one fellow put a snowball into his pocket. What they were going to find out that within another ten minutes and the warmth of King, they would no longer have snow but…….. water…..