A magic minute with lovely Lara

We were indeed blessed this week to have Lara back in her favourite village. This wild child is still as endearing as ever and mesmerised us with two performances in our St Patrick on the Hill Chapel. With poetry and music she transported us to an enchanted world of magic and marvel.

Her passion for her craft makes her performances honest and pure. You cannot help but become lost in the carefully chosen pieces that capture what we have missed most during lockdown – the connection between live performance and our deeper sense of being.

The morning concert was intimate and infused with Lara’s stories and anecdotes, while the evening performance by candlelight was more dramatic. Especially when she almost set the chapel on fire (quite literally) and involved our sense of smell with burning hair (her hair). So never a dull moment when Lara is around!

Here is a little taste of what you missed…. See if you can spot the moment the candle falls…. You can also get access to the whole recorded programme by making a donation to Hobbiton. (See below)

Is the Minute waltz a minute long?

Lara entertained us with little snippets about the music and revealed the truth about the minute waltz.

Support Hobbiton and get the whole concert video

Lara has graciously agreed that we can share her whole concert in return for a donation to Hobbiton Adventure Centre, which is in desperate need of financial support during this difficult time. You can make a donation via EFT or credit card. If you do it via EFT, please mark it “Lara” and add your cellphone number so that we can send you the link to the complete concert.