Another magic Hogsback visit…

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After 2 months self converting our Fiat Ducato van into a tiny home on wheels we hit the road for our first convoy. We are michael and acacia and this is our van yeti. Last week we were at South Africa’s first Van festival where we made loads of new friends. We decided to show them around a portion of the eastern cape. We hit the road in convoy to Hogsback. A small town in the mountain forests with loads of hikes and epic view points.

We camped at Swallowtail caravan park, a nice area for hiking trails however the campsite was pretty sloped.

Hikes – we did the big tree and Madonna and child hiking loop. 10km loop that takes your through the forest past the biggest tree in the forest. The trees are ancient some having lived hundreds of years. This loop takes you past bridal vail waterfall and swallow tail until you finally reach the biggest and most spectacular waterfall , Madonna & Child. You can see their rocky formation extruding the wall. This is a great spot for a dip as there are fresh pools at the bottom.
The Arboretum has loads of different plant species all in the garden. With a hike known as 32 steps , this waterfalls falls down many ledges which is where the name comes from.

The chocolate shop has delicious goodies from chocolates to ice cream and fudge. So yummy!

The edge is a great lookout point for sunsets. Away with the fairies has an amazing view over the valley and onto the 4 hog mountains. Have a walk around the crystal shop gardens to find the wishing tree, stone circles , stunning crystals. The pottery shop and rose theatre are worth a visit , as it is built in between 2 huge trees. Something very different for the eye. The st Patrick’s church is a beautiful stone building with gardens to wander.

Hogsback is definitely worth a visit with so much to see and do.