First Annual Hogsback Yoga Festival

“Into The Forest I Go, To Lose My Mind And Find My Soul.”

The Hogsback Local Yoga Teachers Get Together To Celebrate Their Love For YOGA!

Enjoy Three Full Days Of Yoga, Meditation, Ceremonies As Well As Connecting With Like Minded Earthlings.

The Location

Hogsback Is Considered One Of The Most Sacred Lands On Earth, Nested On Top Of A Magical Mountain, Surrounded By The Oldest Forest In South Africa, In The Meeting Of Leylines. It’s High Healing Vibration Is Unlike Any Other Place.

It Is The Perfect Place To Immerse Oneself; Deepen Your Yoga Practice, Meditate, Take Part In Ceremonies, Women Circles And Take In The Beauty On Offer To The Soul.

This Is Not A Typical Festival. It’s An Unique Opportunity To Experience The Vibration Of This Sacred Land Immersed In The Practice Of Yoga, Make New Friends, Camp/Hotel In The Outdoors And Eat Good Food.

What Is A Yoga Festival?

Imagine That Feeling You Have After An Amazing Yoga Class… Now Intensify, Multiply And Magnify That Feeling! Add Like-Minded Individuals, Sprinkle Some Mountain Magic All Over Them And Voila! AND If All Of That Wasn’t Enough, We Also Have Soul-Sweat, Workshops, Dances, Music, Entertainment And Markets!

Why Come To The HOGSBACK YOGA Festival?

Did we Mention The Mountain Magic? Hogsback Is Nature At It’s Best! One Of The Oldest Forests, Beautiful Waterfalls And As Close To Nature As You Can Be, Short Of Becoming A Tree Yourself.

Remember The Soul-Sweats, Workshops, Dances, Music, Entertainment And Markets!

OH!!! And Yoga Of Course!!! Different Teachers, Styles And Levels Of Emmersion! A Suitable Class For ALL Age Groups, Levels, Religions And Body Types!

What Will It Cost?

Full Festival Ticket Is R420 Includes Access To All The Soul-Sweats, Workshops, Dances, Music, Entertainment And Markets! OH!!! And Yoga Of Course!!! All Yoga Classes! As Many As You Can Do!

If You Buy Your Ticket Before 31 May 2021 You Get The Early Bird Special @ R380!

Ticket Exclude: Food, Accommodation And Spending Money.

Where To Stay?

Hogsback have amazing places to stay, but make sure that you book well in advance to ensure accommodation. There are several accommodation options, for all different budgets and needs. See accommodation optionComplete the central accommodation enquiry form

What To Bring?

  • Warm Clothes And All Other Personal Requirements Such An Boots, Toiletries, Undies Etc.
  • Your Yoga Mat (There Will Be Mats On Sale Here Too)
  • A Friend Or Family Member! This Experience Is Too Magical To NOT Share
  • Your Ticket & Relevant Information
  • Bring All Your Stresses And Worries Too, We’ll Help You Get Rid Of Them
  • No Alcohol Or Substances Of Any Kind Will Be Allowed On Premises.
  • And Last But Not Least; Your Manners. Embrace Each Other With LOVE, ACCEPTANCE & RESPECT!