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Over a 280 000 children have attended adventure camps at Hobbiton in Hogsback over the last 76 years. Most of the returning guests to Hogsback fondly remember the time that they spent on a life-changing school camp or leadership retreat at Hobbiton. They relate how it has had a huge impact in their lives and how their experiences have created a deep love for Hogsback and nature. This unique adventure centre, situated in the picturesque mountains in Hogsback, has also provided holiday camps to children from disadvantaged communities since its humble beginnings, as a place of safety for children during the second world war. 

Now this iconic adventure centre is in danger of closing! We cannot let this happen2

The Centre Manager, Tonya Burton, who has been working at Hobbiton for the last 20 years, is making an urgent appeal to everyone who has had the privilege of spending time at Hobbiton, to make a donation to help keep this amazing adventure haven going for future generations.  

The Covid-19 pandemic  has had an extraordinary effect on the Centre’s ability to generate income and to put it bluntly, the only way we have survived into 2021 is because all of our loyal staff (reduced now to only nine in number) are taking severe salary cuts. Our meagre savings are almost entirely depleted.  We are busy implementing strategies to continue our work, but we are appealing to you, to assist us to bridge this difficult period in our funding.

We know that there are thousands of people in all corners of the globe who had the ‘Hobbiton Experience’ and who would be devastated should we be forced to close our doors. We hope that our appeal for financial assistance to tide us over this difficult period will not fall on deaf ears.

Tonya Burton- Centre Manager

  • Donations
    We are requesting any donations towards bridging funding for the upkeep of the centre until normal operations can be resumed. Every little bit will help. See bank details below for EFTs, or make use of our Donate Now button for a secure credit card transaction.  Our goal is to raise R 350 000!!

    First National Bank
    Account name – Hobbiton Association
    Account no – 52 12 12 62 879
    Branch Code – 210 221
    Swift Code- FIRNZAJJ
    Account type – Cheque
    Reference – (your name) bridging fun
      • Book and pay for your school outing now
        They need to get back to their core magic, and that is to help learners be leaders and gather life skills that will help them cope in a post-Covid world. So, do your group booking now and if you are in a position to do so, pay in advance! The Centre is ready and waiting!! They have adapted their team building activities to adhere to Covid regulations and it is probably the safest outing that you can imagine for your learners to experience right now! Lots of fresh air in beautiful surroundings, with exciting team-building and life affirming activities taking social distancing measures into consideration. 
  • In House Adventures
    If you are still too scared to take your learners on an outdoor adventure, you can get Hobbiton to come to you!! Yes, you heard right, they will travel to your school with their equipment and team, and create an inhouse outdoor adventure right at your school!
  • Adventure Day Activities
    Visiting Hogsback? Book your day or overnight Hobbiton adventure now! To find out more about these exhilarating experiences, see here.
  • Organise a fundraising event for Hobbiton!! Thank you to the following people and Businesses who has come to the party!! 

For any further information please email them at or phone them on 045 962 1193.

Please note that they are a registered Non-Profit and Public Benefit Organisation and are therefore able to issue 18A certificates for donation

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Make a donation and get access to Lara's Music recital that was recorded at the St Patrick on the Hill Chapel.