Hogsback.info information session

Thank you to the villagers who came to join us to chat about our virtual village.  I thought I will do a summary of how everybody can get involved in looking after our little village. and how hogsback.info works.


As we are essentially a tourism town, our main virtual home is situated at The first thing to understand is that our virtual home is situated at visithogsback.co.za. All the other domain names will take you to our main space. This means that hogsbackinfo.co.za hogsback.info, hogsbacktourism.co.za, hogsback.org.za will all take you to visithogsback.co.za. Hogsback.co.za (Ben’s site) will be archived with a landing page redirecting everybody to our main page as well. So basically, you will have to visithogsback.co.za!

Hogsback Directory

Hogsback.info is our main entrance into our little village, easy to remember as well as a directory service to help people get more information about everything and every place in our village. As you drive around town, all you have to do is add the place’s name to the front of hogsback.info and it will take you to the information space of that place.

For example, if you drive past Jikani, all you have to do is put jikani.hogsback.info in your browser (chrome, IE, safari) and it will take you to Jikani’s information page.

Say you want to find out what accommodation is available…
Put accommodation.hogsback.info into your browser and voila…you will see a directory of all 57 accommodation establishments. You can also search for pet friendly or group accommodation. To see or download a list of all the linked directory pages, go to directory.hogsback.info

Try some….

To see a list of all the hogsback.info virtual spaces that has been created, go to directory.hogsback.info. All the linked (blue) places have a page and all the unlinked ones, we still need to do and will need some help!

How can you get listed and become involved?

As this is our village online home, we would like everybody to become involved and make it their own.

TPOs (accommodation establishments)

There are currently 57 accommodation establishments listed on accommodation.Hogsback.info. All places can be listed, but we are currently asking that TPOs to an annual subscription. See the difference between a free and annual subscription below:

For more info contact Maggie 0835566962