Rallyeraid Motorbike adventure

Rallye Raid Hogsback

This weekend the Rallyraiders are returning to Hogsback for the fourth year in a row. Their base camp will be the Arminel Hotel from where they will explore the Hogsback area as well as KatbergCathcartStutterheim and  Thomas Riverwith their bikes.

The routes that they will be travelling takes them through indigenous forests, pass Sandile dam with wonderful vistas and a summit plummet down past Gata Dam onto Stutterheim. They will also take in the historical village of Thomas River, the treacherous Mitchell, Katberg and Devil’s Bellow passes.

To learn more about what they will be doing, see their website here: www.rallyeraid.co.za. Don’t forget to use their hashtag #rallyeraidhogsback and #visithogsback

We wish them a wonderful weekend in Hogsback and ask that they go slowly, quietly and respectfully in our village and surrounds.

If you have a wonderful time, please consider making a donation towards our current charity that needs your help. GO to Help.hobbiton.co.za for more information or donate here: