Roads hell almost over (we hope)!!

Our roads in Hogsback have gone completely to pot over the last few years. Sadly our visitors seem to remember our roads even more than they do the exquisite beauty of our forests, waterfalls and gardens. As Moggy and Doggy (famous international visitors) report in their video……”and we faced some roads that even Orcs wouldn’t dare to cross” .

So, today we bring good tidings. after years of struggling to get the authorities to do something about it, it will finally be happening this week (hopefully)

Report back from road committee

Zane and Ian met with contractor’s manager Andrew du Plessis and the road repair foreman on Friday morning last week (23rd April). We were informed that their plant/equipment will be transported to Hogsback to commence work this week.

Zane will liase with the foreman, facilitate the paid engagement of local persons to assist the repair process and arrange accommodation for their team.

The tar from Swallowtail to Arminel will be worked into gravel. The other roads will be repaired by blading and the potholes on the tar road from the bottom of the pass to the R63 will be filled. The subsidence at the bottom of the pass will be addressed.
Provision will be made for traffic to operate using traffic controls. The manager is considering traffic calming measures on the main road.

So hold thumbs and be patient as it happens!!

Update: It is happening!!

Good news! The road engineers are here with their heavy equipment and scrapers and are doing their thing. Happiness.