The snow glide

We have had an exciting snow time the last few days here in Hogsback. The town is filled to the brim with people, lots and lots of people ….in cars, lots and lots of cars.

To top it all, our main tar road were ripped up due to the humongous pot holes that were almost as big an adventure to navigate as our lovely hikes and waterfalls. After years of lobbying and pleading, it finally got done….just before #snowtime. As nobody can predict when it will snow, it is unfortunate that the roads could not be finished properly in time to welcome all our jubilant snow hunters. So sorry!

So it was an adventure. And still is. Cars were sliding, skidding and gliding in all directions. Some were a stuck-in-the-mud. Others were just muddy. Most of the snowmen on the bonnets have melted and most of the locals and visitors, who managed to grab a place to sleep, bolted back to their warm spots to sip some hot chocolate (the sherry is finished) and eat some warm pancakes.

More and more, and even more day visitors arrived. Accommodation hosts reportedly fielded hundreds of calls from the last of the snow hunters (movie to follow) wanting to come up to see the snow. Gentle and friendly suggestions to not come up, as well as truthful updates on the state of the road, got the cold shoulder and so….. we ended up with a mother of all traffic jams. So from watching snow, we were now watching cars and that was even more entertaining (although less gentle) than the snow.

So here are a few of the car videos that were posted!