Under the Oaks Market

Even though the Hogsback Under the Oaks Morning Market has been going since December, I have only ventured back to go and check it out last Saturday. I have been ensconced in my little Ilifu cocoon for many many months now, with only the bare necessary outside contact. Very cozy and very safe. I just could not trust myself with the burden of social distancing and my (and the rest of Hugsback’s) irresistible urge to hug.

The market, I am glad to report, is a huge success. All our locals with green fingers and ways to ward of the monkeys, bring their wares to the market in abundance. You can buy anything from tomatoes, to aubergines, to spinach, peppers, fresh honey, cucumbers and lots more.

The breads and other bakery delicacies on offer are truly delicious. Fresh and hot out of the oven, I have to wear my mask over my eyes in order not to buy any! Total torture! At least I can partake in Charl’s home-cured hams and salamis or Gordons delicately smoked salmon. Ian’s atchars and preserves deserve a whole moonlight song dedicated to it! And Jenny’s Thaiwanese spring rolls are on another level altogether.

Beautiful hand made wares are also on sale like wood products and quilted bags, with some divine hand made designer hemp bags from The Linnery.

Then there are the gifty thingies. Hogsback T shirts, some previously loved designer clothing, quaint fridge magnets, and handmade cloth dolls are a few of the attractions to peruse. You can get your hair beaded by Clair and buy aromatic potions. So much to take it!

Not to leave out Joane’s CBD products. I can only speak HIGHLY of it! Bought a tub of CBD cream for my blister fingers and it instantly felt better and it healed much quicker. It even smelt fabulous.

You can also pop into the Mountain Mojo Shop for eclectic, one of a kind comfy high-quality clothing, designer dog gear, and much more.

And to finish it off, have a light lunch or Edge breakfast.

Treat yourself! See you there next weekend. Wear your mask. No hugging.