The Hogsback Villager- Autumn Equinox Edition

Our latest publication of the Tuyme Times has undergone a name change very similar to the trees shedding their old beautifully coloured leaves during this autumn harvest period and will now be known as The Hogsback Villager.

Autumn is most Hogsback Villagers’ favourite time of the year as the autumn colours dazzle with their splendour of red, orange and yellow hues. In this issue you will find out more about he weather for this time of the year, as well as some information about the rainfall patterns.

As per usual, you will find a handy synopsis of what to do when you visit Hogsback- the A-Z of activities from “calm” to “crazy”

You will learn more about the history of Hogsback with Trevor Webster as well as the history and meaning behind the Hogsback Tapestry, which can be seen at the Hogsback Library.

We love the quirky artists in our village and introduce the team behind Spilt Milk, the unique comical take on life from new parent’s point of view. See @spilt.milk.comic

They explore the highs and lows, funny and fabulous side of raising their new baby as well as quite a few cute new piglets on the mountain.

They capture the essence of parenthood as well as life on the mountain in graphic detail. Don’t miss this feature!

Another valuable member of our mountain is our beloved doctor Johan. Find out how a city boy became a mountain healer.

Hogsback is an eco friendly zone and we feel deeply about protecting our pristine environment. Dianne share with us how to manage our soil and Jessica teach us how to defeat the eco-blues. Nick share how to build a composting toilet from up-cycled materials.

Another one of our hogsback locals who thrills us with his leather work is Wayne Benade. Find out how he became a master crafter cordwainer.

Our hogsback trails have been given a new lease on life by Laurent’s Trailblazing volunteer group. Learn more about, and get involved with, this worthwhile venture.

You will even find some financial advice and musings in the latest publication where we look at investments and how inflation is eating away at our earnings.

A pilgrimage is one of the most important activities you can undertake. In essence a pilgrimage is a journey, often on foot, to explore holy places. Join Belinda Du Toit on one of her #myGodwalks pilgrimages to the Holy spaces in Hogsback or around the Compassberg.

So, as you can see, you have to get your copy of the Hogsback Villager straight away! It only cost R20 and can be found at the following places:

  • SaveMor
  • The Edge
  • Jikani
  • Tourism Info at Woltree
  • Hogsback Adventures