What to do in Hogsback over the Festive Season

This year are absolutely speeding to a close and we cannot believe it is Christmas already! So here is an overview of what to do in our little village over the festive time.

1 Be Kind and considerate

It has been a hard few years with Covid. People are traumatised in so many ways. So the first thing to do when you come to Hogsback is to be kind are considerate. Smile and wave at the locals (but don’t laugh at them :-)). Drive slowly over the humps in the main road and take in the fresh air. Breathe. If you want to be really kind and win a 2 night stay at one of our exquisite cottages on top of the mountain, make a donation to Hobbiton’s Bridging Fund. It is the season for giving! For more info see here

2 Enjoy nature- Go for a walk/hike

We have many awesome walks, hiking trails, waterfalls and viewpoints. Please make sure that you only take pictures and only leave footsteps. Take any rubbish with you. Share your happy snappies with us by tagging all your social media posts with #visithogsback. Some must-do stops:

  • The Arboretum and 39 Steps Waterfall

This easy stroll starts in Oak Avenue (opposite the Village Green) and takes you through the arboretum and on to the 39 Steps waterfall. Park on the main road and walk into the arboretum which has an amazing array of trees from all over the world includes several Californian Redwood trees, now well over 100 years old, a Garden of Remembrance, a Garden of Love and the 39 steps Waterfall. The waterfalls are looking amazing after all the rain. For more information about the arboretum, see here (arboretum.hogsback,info) Difficulty level: Easy and leisurely Time: 40 minutes of slow stroll

  • Swallowtail Waterfall

This easy strolling walk is really lovely as you walk next to a stream most of the way and are rewarded with an amazing view over the Tyume Valley at the end of the trail viewpoint. You can climb down from here, to the bottom of the waterfall, but that is not advised as it is quite a climb down. So rather laze on the rocky edge taking in the awesome view. To get there, go down Wolfridge road, past the Hogsback Inn and look out for a quarry parking area on the left of the road. Walk across the road and in the gate, Watch out for the Swallowtail falls board and and walk over a few stone bridges and streams)

  • Madonna and child Waterfall

This is quite a strenuous walk as it involves quite a steep descend down into the valley. And what goes down must come up! The walk down through the indigenous Afromontane forest is quite breathtaking. Give yourself a good hour or more to do this walk. You can also carry on with the forest walk which will eventually take you to the big tree. To get there, take Wolfridge road past the Hogsback Inn and past Hobbiton, and you will see the parking area at the top of the Hill on your right

3 Take in some viewpoints

There are quite a few must-do viewpoints and Instagram moments to capture in Hogsback. We will look at some of the most famous ones.

  • The bath at Away with the Fairies

This is one of the most instagrammed spots in Hogsback and you have to make a stop here. The bath is located on a cliff edge with an amazing view over the forest and the 3 hog mountain peaks. If the bath has not been booked for a private soaking, you can go and do some posed for your scrapbook or you can just sit at the viewpoint and contemplate life. Away with the Faries also have a brand new restaurant where you will find crazy good burgers and pizzas.

  • The viewpoint at the Edge and the labyrinth

Apart from hosting the Christmas markets and a lovely restaurant, the Edge also have a incredible viewpoint (avoid of you have a fear of heights) on the edge and a calming labyrinth. To get there, follow all the signs from the main road.

  • The Eco-Shrine

Visit this outdoor ecological art installation with breathtaking views over the valley as well as the three hog mountains. Dianna gives visitors a guided tour of her outdoor art and gallery where paintings and prints are for sale. The Eco-shrine is open to visitors on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays & Wednesdays as well as Public Holidays and daily during school holidays.(weather permitting) Hours: 9.30 am – 3.30 pm

4 Push your boundaries with some fun activities!

Hogsback is also known as a place where you can experience some thrilling adventures. So let’s look at a few that can get you going

  • Hobbiton adventures (weather permitting)

Hobbiton Adventure Centre has got world class equipment to make sure to get the adrenaline pumping. From ziplines to trapeze, high ropes, medium ropes and obstacle courses, you can be in for a morning of heart pumping fun. You have to book however as the instructors can only take a certain number of people. Some of the courses can only be done by family groups and all protocols are adhered to.

  • Go for an adventure 4×4 ride with Camohogs

Experience the secret places in Hogsback in a unique “open-air” vehicle! Contact your master of adventure, Book your Camahogs adventure now

  • Hogsback Adventure Centre

For the more adventurous we offer some amazing adrenaline pumping activities. All you need to do is to stop off at the Hogsback Adventure Centre and pick from an array of heart racing adventures. Read More: adventures.hogsback.info

5 Take in a live performance

Talking to any of the Hogsbackians is usually a live authentic performance, but we have also brought in some outside help to entertain and edutain you!

  • Labyrinth Peace Open Air Performance

Rochelle Nembhard and friends (from Iran, Amsterdam, LA and Zimbabwe ) will be doing a long duration performance at the Labyrinth at the Edge. Rochelle will be walking the labyrinth for 7 hours for 7 days from the 15th to the 21st of December (7am-2pm) in honour of the plight of woman and Gender Based Violence. Please join them at the edge to view the performance. Also note there is nudity and she will be painted red (in no means gratuitous), so viewer discretion is advised.

  • Live music with Jahworx

Jahworx will be performing in Hogsback on Sunday 19 December from 13h00 to 16h00 at Away with the Fairies 🧚‍♀️. Grab a 2 topping pizza 🍕and a SAB beer/cider/cooldrink for R100! Strictly between 12h00 and 13h00!